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Metal stamping in China is very common, many different sizes of metal stamping plants, but the leading factories like WY metals in the industry are rare. WY metasl provides services for metal stamping and customized metal parts to fully meet the various customized non-standard needs of customers. WY metals has several imported compound punch presses and a professional production technical team. The products produced by WY metals are not only of good quality, but also very reliable.

Metal stamping is performed on steel, aluminum and other metals according to customer requirements, and WY metals engineers are well trained in all fields to create amazing products. If you are looking for custom metal parts, WY metals is the industry leader in production technology capabilities and first-class technical service support.WY metals provides customers with customized metal products from all over the country and many countries in the world according to their needs.The product prices of WY metals are set according to industry standards, and the price basis is based on the principle of long-term friendly cooperation. Therefore, the cooperation with WY metals will enjoy the best transactions and services.

The precision effect of metal stamping in China will surprise you. The metal stamping of WY metals is one of the manufacturing processes that converts ordinary metal plates into specific shapes. This is a very complicated process because of the many forming techniques used, such as stamping metal, bending, piercing, folding, melting, etc.At present, there are thousands of companies around the world making such metal stamping parts, but none can beat the Chinese metal stamping parts.We supply components for many industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and other industrial markets.

Many manufacturers need high quality, durable, low cost, fast turnover metal stamping parts.WY metals provides all these custom requirements and high quality requirements for all industries.

Metal stamping is divided into many different types, such as :• four-slide stamping, deep stamping, short stamping, this stamping design more flexible, more versatile for more complex parts.

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Address:Wuxingling Industrial Zone, Wanling Village, Xiegang town, Dongguan City GuangDong Province China
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